Dacron wrap, by the yard.

Dacron wrapping is standard on any of our cushions and very much recommended. Dacron rounds out edges and fills in the fabric cover for a more aesthetic look. It also helps foam to slide into a fabric cover. Standard cushions are wrapped using a "book wrap" technique. It is called this because the dacron covers the foam in the same way a dust jacket covers a hard bound book. Only three sides of a cushion are covered (see picture). You will need a can of glue to attach the dacron. We sell Dacron Wrap by the yard or as 30 yard rolls. We carry four size widths: 24", 30", 36"& 54"

All Size Foam and Fabrics brand - tack adhesive.

Magic foam adhesive! This spray glue can repair rips in foam, and attach surfaces together. Will permenantly bond foam to fabric, dacron, paper, and wood surfaces. Dries in seconds. (Do not use on closed cell foam.)

Scrap Foam

You can buy shredded foam by the pound.

Ready Made Foam Mattresses

We sell ready made 4" foam and inner spring mattresses in 3 sizes: twin, full and queen.

Pre-Cut Foam Rolls

We sell ready made pre-cut foam rolls in 3 sizes:
1" x 56" x 50", 1/2" x 56" x 50", 1/4" x 56" x 50"
These rolls are also available with tricot mesh backing