Whether you're a large scale furniture manufacturer or simply reupholstering a piece of furniture yourself as a fun weekend project, ALL SIZE FOAM AND FABRICS has everything you need for your upholstering needs. Since 1976, Roberto Zamora, Sr., the founder, has catered to the needs of businesses and individuals alike. Working in a foam cutting plant for over 10 years, Mr. Zamora found a niche that needed to be filled. He noticed that the foam cutting businesses were not attending to the needs of every customer. Only large furniture manufacturing plants were able to purchase foam. In the Spring of 1976, he embarked on his mission to create a store where anyone could find anything and everything they needed to satisfy their upholstery needs. His first major objective was polyurethane foam products. In the years to come, he would expand into providing fabrics, wood products, pillow inserts, upholstery supplies and decorative items such as fringes and tassels. Today, ALL SIZE FOAM AND FABRICS is still family owned and operated. All in all, ALL SIZE FOAM AND FABRICS is the only one stop store for furniture manufacturers and decorators.